A property in Gold Coast, Australia has been priced at A$888,888 as a marketing gimmick to appeal to Chinese buyers, reports the Gold Coast Bulletin (9 September 2016). The number eight is considered the luckiest number in Chinese culture as it sounds similar to the Chinese word for 'to prosper' and symbolises wealth, hence it's not unusual for agents and sellers to price properties with it. Charles Pittar, CEO of Chinese property portal Juwai.com, said agents often use the number eight in their listings. “We do see it fairly frequently. It happens when a property is attractive to Chinese buyers, the agent is familiar enough with Chinese buyers and the seller is willing to go along with the strategy. Smart agents do this not just on the Gold Coast but in other parts of Australia and around the world,” said Pittar. He further adds that even developers are getting into the game too, with some choosing to make property addresses feature more auspicious numbers like the number eight to attract more Chinese buyers.