The New Zealand government's plan to stop foreign speculators buying existing Kiwi homes next year could lead to Chinese buyers fast-tracking their plans, reports RNZ (14 November 2017). "For the buyers who have been researching the market previously there was no time restriction, they may well have wanted to look around to find the perfect home as we all do. But with this policy change it does encourage them to act sooner just in case they might not be able to purchase in the future," said Jane Lu, Head of Australia and New Zealand. To assist NZ agents and developers hoping to market to Chinese before the change, will be promoting a New Zealand campaign. "This campaign is really trying to assist those Chinese buyers who do have a real need to invest in New Zealand, whether because their children are studying in New Zealand or their families and relatives already live there and they're potentially looking to migrate there in the future," said Lu. She further explains that Chinese interest in New Zealand would remain robust, as new builds are exempted from the upcoming foreign buyer ban.