According to Statistics NZ, transfers of home ownership dropped to 26,265 in the March quarter – 44% below the level first measured, in the June 2016 quarter, and 30% down from a year ago, stated an article in The Bob Dey Property Report (29 July 2020). Statistics NZ launched the series in 2016 and measures counting of foreign ownership as where there is at least one NZ citizen or holder of an NZ resident visa, and the now very low numbers of buyers and sellers where there is no NZ citizenship or residence visa. But international proptech company Juwai IQI says the measurements by Statistics NZ disguise the extent of foreign ownership. Juwai IQI executive chair Georg Chmiel said: “We consider a foreign buyer to be anyone on a resident visa or without such a visa. Stats NZ defines foreign buyers as only those who do not have a resident visa or a Kiwi passport. Foreign buyers [using the Juwai IQI method] accounted for a greater share of all transactions in the second quarter than at any time since the fourth quarter of 2018.”