Juwai CEO Carrie Law interview with CNBC

Chinese buyer interest in the UK is on the rise, according to international property portal Juwai.com CEO Carrie Law in a live interview with CNBC (29 January 2018). Law disclosed that Chinese buyers are still heavily investing overseas, and although the UK is no longer one of the top 3 investment hotspots for Chinese buyers on Juwai.com, Chinese buyer interest rose following Brexit. "After the Brexit, a lot of buyers have been looking into the UK for investment purposes, instead of just for education. 53% of Chinese looking at the UK on Juwai.com are motivated by investment, compared to 16% for education," said Law. She further explained that China property investors are increasingly keen on the UK, thanks to the fact that London property prices have fallen for the first time since 2009 combined with a stronger Chinese yuan against the British Pound. Besides London, Law reveals that Manchester is also seeing more Chinese buyer focus.