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Juwai releases US Presidential Election Survey findings

By Juwai, 03 November 2016
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Is Clinton or Trump better for Chinese property investment in the US?

We asked 504 Chinese real estate investors and 416 US real estate agents or professionals in our Juwai US Presidential Election Survey to find out, and this is what we discovered.Juwai US presidential election survey

Interestingly, Chinese consumers and American industry real estate professionals have diverging views about which candidate will implement policies that will benefit Chinese investors in US real estate.

54% of Chinese buyers preferred Clinton, while 55% of US industry professionals believed Trump would offer better policies to aid Chinese real estate investment in the US.

Should Clinton become the next US President, a large majority of both Chinese consumers and US agents were on the same page, whereby they expect no change to happen to Chinese property investments in the US.

However, the same could not be said if Trump became the succeeding US President – 54% of US real estate professionals believed that a Trump presidency would increase Chinese real estate investment in the US, compared to 39% of Chinese respondents.

At the same time, a much larger portion of Chinese respondents (25%) believed there would be no impact upon Chinese investment in the US under a Trump presidency, while merely 6% of US respondents echoed that sentiment.

Clearly, it can be seen from our survey – conducted between 4 October and 20 October 2016 – that Chinese and US respondents are at odds with differing opinions regarding this upcoming presidential election in the US.

Would Chinese real estate investors abandon the US to look for property elsewhere, though? We don’t think so.

According to Matthew Moore, our President of the Americas, Chinese buyers are still here to stay, and the scenario of Chinese real estate investors deserting the US market after the election is highly unlikely.

“Will Chinese buyers desert the US market after the election? It looks like they will not. American politics fascinate Chinese because our system is so different than theirs. They are watching our election closely. They say you should never talk about politics at work, and this survey shows why. More agents prefer Mr. Trump, and more buyers prefer Mrs. Clinton, so you could imagine a political discussion between them going badly,” said Moore.