A new survey report says that the recovery of the coronavirus-battered Malaysian real estate market is expected to begin in 2021, and reach a strong rebound in 2022, reports Investvine (11 September 2020). The survey - The Property Survey and Index Q3 2020 - which covers more than 340 Malaysian real estate agents is released by Juwai IQI, a Southeast Asia-based property group. Survey findings reveal that while expectations for the next 12 months will be subdued, double-digit growth rates in property prices are expected later. The National Price Expectations Index shows a 4.8-per cent fall over the next twelve months, before climbing back to a cumulative growth rate of 10.6 per cent in the following year. Rents will remain lower for the time being. Juwai IQI executive director Kashif Ansari said: "Covid-19 has made everyone think deeply about how and where they want to live. People have been spending so much time at home and now have a very clear vision of what they want. In many cases, what people want now is different than a year ago. Now, your home has to also be your office, your school, your gym and your restaurant. The home has now become a hub for every activity.”