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Lamborghini expects supercar slowdown in China

By Juwai, 21 February 2012
Lamborghini China sales jumped nearly 70 percent in 2011. Jing Daily reports. February 20, 2012 -- After several years of massive growth that saw China become a critical new market for ultra-luxury automakers like Bentley, Aston Martin, Bugatti and Ferrari, this week Lamborghini warned that slowing growth in the broader Chinese economy may crimp demand for luxury supercars in 2012. Coming off a year in which Lamborghini sales in China surged nearly 70 percent, Christian Mastro, Lamborghini’s Asia Pacific general manager, said in a recent interview, “If you look at the economy right now, there may be some uncertainty to make people wait a little.” Added Mastro, “The number of people able to spend this kind of money is limited, it’s not unlimited.”
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