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Chinese flock to elite US schools

By Juwai, 27 November 2012

Mainland Chinese have been the top international attendees of US schools since 2009 and are continuing to grow in increasing numbers.

In the academic school year of 2010-11, Chinese students attending schools in the US was estimated to be 723,000 a 23% increase from the year before, thus putting them as the lead international enrollment in US educational institutions.

Chinese are drawn to the high quality of education that students receive at US schools, and also believe that students will develop a sense of independence and creativity that they would not receive by studying at local institutions.

2005 began a trend of increasing enrollment by Chinese students in primary and secondary schools within the US. Chinese parents argue studying abroad provided healthier and less stressful educational upbringings as well as helped students increase their chances at being admitted into a presigious unversity.