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Golden visa holder buys fabulous Sydney House

By Juwai, 03 September 2013
Golden Visa Sydney Home

Redtape is painful in any language...

...but one wealthy Chinese property buyer has made it through the paperwork required for Australia's golden visa and just purchased a new family home in Sydney.

The $8.5 million, five-bedroom manse has a lucky address: number 66.

That's no coincidence – the address was changed specifically from 64 to the luckier number of 66 to attract Chinese buyers.

That is how important Chinese buyers are in the Australian property market.

To date, there has been 305 visa applications received by the Immigration Department as of August – only 10 visas have been approved so far.

Read the full article on Sydney Morning Herald.



[Image source: 66 Captain Pipers Road Vaucluse from Sydney Morning Herald]