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China's replacements: Twitter, FB and YouTube OR Weibo, RenRen and YouKu?

By Juwai, 22 October 2013

As some of you may know, the Great Firewall of China blocks many international websites, including Western social media giants Twitter, Facebook and YouTube among others.

However, this doesn't mean China's 591 million active internet users1 are being forsaken.

Social media is extremely popular in China via China's own social media networks, and that's reflected in the more than 82% of high net worth Chinese who are online everyday.2

Find out which popular Chinese social media sites have replaced their Western counterparts. This CNN video sheds light on what's happening behind China's Great Firewall.

Are you integrating the right social media channels into your campaigns to reach Chinese buyers?



Sources: 1. China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) The 32nd Statistical Report on China Internet Development, July 2013; 2. Hurun Report, The Chinese Millionaire Wealth Report 2013