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Where does their money come from? Part 2 in our series on "Understanding wealthy Chinese investors"

By Juwai, 21 October 2013
Where does their money come from?

This is the second post in our series focused on helping you understand high net worth Chinese property investors – so that you can profit from working with them.

In the first post, we counted high net worth Chinese so you could know exactly how big a market they represent.

We discovered more than 600 US dollar billionaires in China and 2.8 million millionaires.
Where did all this money come from?

According to investment advisor The Motley Fool, China is growing all out of proportion to anything happening in the rest of the world – now or at any time in human history.

Hurun self-made millionaire wealth source chart

"China's a huge, growing, and valuable market; there's no other way to say it," the website recently wrote.

"The country's growth from a minor power in Asia to one of the world's economic power brokers has been nothing short of astounding over the past few decades."

The rapidity of the growth is one reasons you might never have seen a Chinese buyer in your market as recently as 5 years ago. You may have only seen a trickle in recent years.

And yet, now you might see them every day.

Nearly all millionaires in China are highly entrepreneurial. Perhaps their business-creation ability is behind the rapid growth in Chinese billionaires – China already has the second most billionaires of any country in the world.

And over the next 10 years, there will be proportionately more new Chinese billionaires than in any other country in the world, including the USA, Brazil and Russia.