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7 tips to win more listings with

By Juwai, 16 April 2014
7 Tips

OK. You are using as your Chinese marketing partner. Now what?

You are listing your properties on our site and upgrading the listings to get more attention. Perhaps you are attending consumer property events in China with our Event Services team.

All of these things are good. They are great, actually, because these actions make you a leader among real estate agents in marketing to China. You are still, however, missing something.

Your China marketing strategy should have two parts – on one side, you have the Chinese buyers...what’s on the other side?

Your local home sellers, or vendors.

Until you are actively promoting the fact that you market to Chinese buyers in your local market, you are missing out on one of the great benefits you are already paying for. That’s because doing effective China marketing gives you a competitive advantage over other real estate agents. It can help you win more listings.


How to win more listings with Chinese buyers:


1. Educate your market

At this late date, despite all the news coverage about Chinese buyers, there may still be some people who don’t yet know the importance that Chinese buyers have in the local real estate market.

Even those who do know will be more motivated to act on that knowledge – by listing their property with you – if you explain it to them in greater detail.

If you need statistics or examples to share with your prospects, our member newsletter is a great source of information. It comes out at least once a month. It’s only, however, available to members, so if you haven’t signed up, now is a good time to do so. (There’s no cost or obligation. It’s absolutely free.) Just go to this page and click the “Sign Up” button at the top right-hand side.


2. Educate yourself

You can’t talk knowledgeably unless you know the topic. If you want to learn more about the Chinese buyer, and our newsletter is not frequent enough for you, we have another option for you.

Our social media news feeds give you at least four posts a day – and our blog provides another several posts each week.

You can share any one of these posts on your own social media feed. You can even copy them, adapt them, and use them in your own blog or newsletter. Go for it. We won’t mind.

Below are some helpful links. Each of these is a great source of statistics, examples and anecdotes. Check in with them on a regular basis, and you’ll be a China expert in no time.


3. Use examples

You will obtain powerful, persuasive information from our news feeds, blog and newsletter. You can make this info even more powerful by adding in examples from your own business.

Think about the following questions – consider sharing the answers with prospects, as a way of persuading them of the importance of hiring you, an agent who markets to Chinese buyers.

  • Have any notable sales to Chinese buyers taken place in the area?
  • Do your listings on generate impressive numbers of views?
  • Have you received any leads, inquiries or contacts from Chinese potential buyers?


4. Notify the media

If there is a local publication that occasionally covers the local real estate industry, consider notifying them of the fact that you market your listings in China, via If you need help drafting a press release, you can use our template release – we created it just for this purpose.

All you have to do to use the template press release is download the Word document, fill in your details and email it to your local reporter. It’s as simple as that. The result could be great media coverage for your business.

Contact us to get a template press release today!


5. Update your marketing materials

You can also benefit from being a customer by updating your marketing materials. Post a notice and our logo in the following places for maximum results:

  • On your website
  • In your newsletter and e-newsletter
  • On your business card
  • On your flyers and mailers
  • On your listing description sheets


6. Update your listing presentation

When you meet a potential home seller, they always want to know about your marketing plan. This is a perfect opportunity to highlight the fact that your will advertise their listing in China on You may also be able to use this opportunity to get them to agree to bear the cost, minimal as it is.

Whether you use an iPad presentation or leave a folder of printed information with prospects, include a page or two about and Chinese buyers. If the experience of other agents is any guide, you will see results.

You could even pull up your profile page, or one of your listings. Seeing that information online, and in Chinese, can be eye opening for home sellers – especially when none of your competition is doing the same.


7. Update your scripts

If your team uses call scripts or trains via role playing, update your materials to make it second nature for them to sell the advantages of using an agency that markets in China. Well written real estate scripts can help you guide the discussion and move your prospect right through the sales process.



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