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Chinese social media for business success

By Juwai, 03 September 2014
Chinese Social Media Success

In China, social media apps aren’t just for chatting with friends.

Business marketplaces are booming on WeChat and Weibo official accounts, savvy business brands already capitalising on this trend are laughing their way to success.

A recent McKinsey report predicts that “new Internet applications could fuel some 7% – 22% of China’s incremental GDP growth through 2025”.5

From airlines and hotels to telecommunication and government authorities, there seem to be no limits on how WeChat and Weibo can be utilised for business in China.

Below are some prime examples of success stories who made it big with Chinese social media.


China Southern Airlines (CSA)

CSA uses WeChat to offer its customers greater convenience by providing services such as interactive mileage check, membership display, and voice weather forecast.1 They even use it for staff allocation.



This new restaurant gained its success and maintains an active rapport with its fans through Weibo by offering discounts each time you snap and upload a photo of their food onto Weibo or WeChat.2


China Unicom (Guangdong Branch)

One of China’s top network provider, China Unicom enables its customers to make six kinds of transactions on WeChat: payment, enquiry, management, consultation, complaint, and assistance.3


Wechat connects

Here at, we also have deep WeChat integration, allowing Chinese consumers to search for overseas properties, receive news and updates, and even enquire about properties with our Chinese Consumer Support Centre using their WeChat messaging account.


Alhambra Police Department

This trend has even travelled abroad, all the way to the likes of sunny California! This police department in the US uses a full-time Weibo account to circulate tips and answer questions for Chinese residents4 – bridging the gap between the East and the West. 40% of the city’s Chinese immigrants have already become followers on its Weibo.


With, you’re covered with Chinese social media integration. Contact us to learn more and get started!



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