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Juwai joins hands with Singou Technology in AI partnership

By Juwai, 23 April 2018
Juwai Singou Technology Partnership

We’ve teamed up with Macau-based artificial intelligence (AI) and service robot pioneer Singou Technology Ltd to launch our first Juwai AI robot!

Juwai Singou Butler 1 AI RobotThis new partnership will see Juwai deploying Singou's AI engine and distributing Butler 1 – Singou’s newest model of physical robot – to the offices of international property marketers, and also at international property industry events in China.

By leveraging Juwai’s data and insights collected over the past five years, the Singou AI engine will operate the Butler 1 and empower global real estate agents and developers to better communicate and serve Chinese consumers, particularly for those who do not have Mandarin-speaking staff.

Butler 1 will also be deployed at showrooms and offices in five other countries: Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, the US, and either Canada or the UK. These deployed robots will serve as a pilot to procure further data and inputs from prospective Chinese property investors over the following few months, which will better train the AI engine. 


About the Juwai x Singou partnership

“ is excited to be partnering with such an innovative company as Singou and its inspiring leader Dr. Hon Chi Tin. We want to leverage this partnership with Singou to provide better service to Chinese consumers and our international property marketing customers,” said Carrie Law, CEO of

According to Dr. Hon Chi Tin, Chief Executive Officer of Singou Technology, a robot is superior to a fixed device for interactions with consumers in terms of customer service in remote locations.

“A robot has all the same benefits, plus the great advantage of being able to move and approach people,” said Dr. Hon. “Our new Butler 1 model of robot is designed to serve consumers and thus be much more approachable and affordable than our existing models."

Juwai Singou partnership signing Macau

Law also shared that this alliance with Singou will help Juwai achieve two strategic goals: to provide better consumer service ourselves, and also to help Juwai real estate marketer customers to do the same for the Chinese consumers who visit their offices.

"Singou’s AI chatbot engine will enable to improve and scale the service we provide to consumers. We will use the AI and chatbot to crunch data, handle basic requests, and speed processing,” said Law.

Law further explained that the robot is essentially a carrier that lets Juwai’s AI consumer service engine be present in real estate sales offices anywhere in the world. With Singou’s Butler 1 robot, can assist international property marketers in providing high quality service to Chinese buyers.

“It’s natural that we turned to a company from greater China for this partnership. China plans to be the global leader in artificial intelligence and robotics by 2030 and is investing heavily in its development,” said Law.

“China’s core AI industries should be worth, the State Council believes, US$50 billion by 2025. China already installs more robots per year than Europe, the US, and the rest of Asia combined.”


About Singou Technology

Singou Technology Ltd. Is a Macau-based artificial intelligence and robot developer. Singou first made its mark in the industry when it deployed earlier models of robots serve to provide security and access control at the premises of large facilities, such as convention centers, universities, and transit centers.

In November 2017, Singou’s robots won an award at the Shanghai International Service Robot Show.