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Prosperous Home Report

By Juwai, 23 September 2019
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Latest report allows Chinese home buyers to do a feng shui check on overseas properties at a click

While feng shui may be shrugged off as pseudoscience or even hocus pocus by some, it’s not uncommon for many Chinese home buyers to do a preliminary feng shui check on a property before signing on their cheque’s dotted line.

What is feng shui?

Feng Shui translates to “wind-water” and is the Chinese art of creating harmonious energy within a space. It is based on cultivating the positive flow of “chi” or energy using colours and the five elements of nature. It has traditionally been used in China to plan the orientation, architecture and interior design of buildings.

Why is it important to Chinese buyers?

Many Chinese subscribe to feng shui because they believe this ancient Chinese philosophy can harmonise people with their surroundings and brings stability, promotes good health and joy, boosts careers, and even increases wealth. As such, properties with good feng shui are often sought after by Chinese buyers.

In fact, it has been known to make or break a sale and even some international developers are taking note. They are now deeming it important enough to bear feng shui in mind when designing their development projects. Chinese buyers, especially, have been known to reject a property if it has bad feng shui.

Investment in feng shui can also lead to major profits for developers when they target Chinese buyers. Properties which adhere to feng shui principples tend to go down well with Chinese buyers and will sell faster. Real estate agents with knowledge of feng shui are also prone to success with Chinese buyers. Homes with good feng shui also tend to fetch higher resale prices.

Feng Shui Report by

Recognising the importance Chinese buyers place on feng shui, is releasing a Prosperous Home Report which aims to explain the dynamics of how feng shui works for both developers and homebuyers. The report will be made available to’s exclusive database of 3.1 million high-net-worth Chinese monthly users. The website also showcases 2.8 million property listings from 90 countries.

The Feng Shui Report is powered by - a high-tech intelligence floorplan design tool - which can analyse a property’s floorplan and churn out a bilingual feng shui analysis.

A dedicated channel page also provides free and easy access for Chinese buyers to check out a property’s feng shui. Easily downloaded, it also allows overseas property agents or developers to showcase their properties to prospective buyers as well.

Previously, Chinese buyers somehow had to find a local feng shui master and arrange for them to evaluate a floor plan. But now, they can get an analysis straightaway from the Juwai report with just a click.

Feng shui may be ancient, but it’s still relevant to many Chinese buyers today who want reassurance that their property is not attracting bad luck or negative energy that might be caused by busy traffic, modern building infrastructure or inhibitive building codes.

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