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6 Chinese Property Buyers Must-Haves In A House

By Juwai, 14 May 2021
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If you plan to attract Chinese buyers, you might need to head these must-haves when showcasing your properties to them.

Have a read on the 6 Chinese Property Buyers Must-Haves In A House.


1. Fengshui

The Chinese believe a home should be a balanced environment where the property design ensures the good energy flow through unencumbered.

A home with good lighting and spacing with little clutter appeal to most people. However, these specific touches can make all the difference to a Chinese client, such as working out the property’s position concerning the compass points and how each area corresponds with the art of Fengshui. 

An example is placing a money plant in the southeast area of the property because that symbolises money and wealth and brings good energy.


2. The landscape of the property

Location, location, location is always vital to any property buyer, but it is equally important to Chinese buyers - more importantly, the location or the landscape around the property.

If a mountain is located behind the property, it is a sign of good fortune and provides supporting energy to the house. While there aren’t many mountains surrounding new properties while awaiting their buyers, the land being higher or tall trees is still a good sign. 

As for the property's front, a Chinese buyer would prefer a clear and bright area, not blocked by other buildings, and the presence of -  all showing excellent signs.


3. Where the property is located

All buyers and tenants will always look for the perfect house with the added advantage of a central location with easier access to transport links. If a Chinese buyer has plans to further their studies in another country, then choosing a location that is within reach of good universities and educational establishments is a must.

But do remember to avoid properties nearby hospitals, temples or graveyards -  as Chinese people believe these places would emit negative energies and affect the Fengshui.


4. The importance of numbers

In Chinese culture, numerology has great significance.

The luckiest numbers are;

  • 3 - associated with life
  • 6 - represents flow and things running smoothly
  • 8 - represents wealth
  • 9 - represents longevity

Chinese will often have these numbers in their lives in many aspects of their lives, from license plates and phone numbers to unit numbers.

And the opposite would be the unluckiest number -  the number four, as it represents death. Superstition is a powerful thing, so if you have door number four or an apartment on the fourth floor, you are unlikely to attract any Chinese interest in your property.


5.The hidden meaning of colours

Numbers carry heavy symbolism in Chinese culture, but the types of colours also play an important part for Chinese buyers.

  • red symbolises fire and brings luck and happiness
  • yellow symbolises earth and brings power and prosperity
  • black represents water
  • white symbolises death and also solace and fulfilment
  • blue represents wood and brings advancement and immortality
  • gold means wealth
  • purple signifies divinity
  • green means nature and purity

Do be mindful of these colours, as choosing the perfect and correct colour schemes will help appeal to Chinese clients in a snap of a finger.


6. Contemporary living

While Chinese culture and tradition are important, it is equally important to show contemporary Chinese design too.

Many Chinese interior design companies are emerging on the world stage, such as Neri&Hu, Archstudio and Ahead Design. Have a read and research what are the latest design trends these companies have done.

Try visiting homes and Chinese decor design events, rather than a Westernised view of the Chinese style.