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Why Chinese Homebuyers Say Feng Shui is Still Important

By Juwai, 07 May 2021
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As of 2021, the Chinese buyers are the fastest-growing property buyers in the countries such as Australia and the United States - and they strongly prefer properties that promote the design philosophy of feng shui.

Here are 4 reasons how feng shui compels the decision power of these Chinese buyers.


1. The history behind Feng Shui What is Feng shui?

Based on countless history books and dictionaries, feng shui is a centuries-old philosophy that originated in China. It’s composed of two Chinese words: Feng (wind) and Shui (water), two of the most basic elements for human survival. Chinese people believe good feng shui of a home has positive energy, bringing health, wealth and good luck to the owner.


2. The preference for new homes provide a strong future

Chinese homebuyers prefer properties with amenities such as those located in top school districts, near major economic centres, and safe neighbourhoods that can incorporate multiple generations. A large percentage of them plan to house a family member other than their spouse.


3. The properties resale value will increase

With the concept of feng-shui, these Chinese buyers are willing to invest more in a property that uses proper feng shui, and they would pay up to a 16 per cent premium for such a home.


4. The important factor of the location, location, location

Chinese buyers will cite the importance of the direction where the home will face. Those who have worked with Chinese buyers will say that a home with desirable feng shui has a front door that faces south and a backyard that faces north.