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ADAPT 2021 is coming soon! So, what is it?

By Juwai, 24 October 2021

With over 240 thousand viewers, 280 speakers in 35 languages and more than 32 partnerships worldwide, the ADAPT International Convention 2020 powered by Juwai IQI was an astounding success.

And it back in full force in 2021!

As a refresher course for the new ones here, let us look at what ADAPT 2021 is all about?


What is ADAPT 2021?

Adapt 2021 powered by Juwai IQI  take us beyond the pandemic and into a tech intelligence revolution that will mark the dawn of a new era. As we evolve from the recent norm into the future that we have always imagined.


Witness innovation at your fingertips

Innovations can be imperative but essential for acquiring incredible opportunities for anyone willing to take the challenge, #ADAPT or be disrupted. We are committed to supercharging and evolving organisations and individuals into a new era of tech innovation and speeding up and bringing forth international collaborations that will mark the development and execution of incredible new ideas.

Why does ADAPT 2021 exist?

By helping entrepreneurs, businesses, corporations, and investors ride the industry revolution 4.0 and the waves of the new era towards digital transformation and success while lifting our generations to stand tall in the global arena, making Asia the seat of innovation and technology.


Don’t Miss Out on the Opportunity to Empower Yourself.

Join us as we disrupt the technological revolution and spread knowledge beyond borders. SIGN UP TODAY!