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ADAPT 2021 | Reaching Over 1.34 Million Individuals Worldwide

By Juwai, 10 January 2022
After ADAPT 2021 Event.png

2021 marks the second annual #ADAPT international convention. With over 188 speakers and performers having presented and reaching approximately 1.34 million individuals worldwide, the convention was a roaring success!

As was done last year, our 2021 #ADAPT convention was conducted virtually so that nations worldwide could join us. Sixteen countries tuned in to listen and learn from our esteemed speakers, from Singapore, Canada, and Vietnam, to name a few.

With this being the SECOND instalment of an ambitious virtual tech convention, Juwai IQI, the event organiser, strives for even more considerable success. And succeed, we did! While impressive last year, our numbers had grown by more than three-fold this time around! 

As with last year’s convention, we had the pleasure of having Kashif Ansari - Juwai IQI Group CEO and event pioneer - return as a keynote speaker. 

This year, Mr Ansari brought a call to the attention of the rise of the metaverse, a development we’ve seen expand within the past year. 

We took the liberty of broadcasting the virtual conventional in many languages so that no attendee should have the misfortune of being left out. After all, knowledge should be accessible to anyone from all walks of life, in any corner of the world, as our esteemed speakers down below;

From successes, breakthroughs to personal experiences, the above are just a few of the many on the list of esteemed speakers our 1.34 million attendees had the chance to listen to in their own journeys to achieving unrealised goals!

Complementary to our speakers, we had names such as PWC, Business Today, Property Hunter, and Lim Kok Wing University join us as partners in making this convention what it was. 

Last but not least, we could not have had such reach without assistance from our Chinese partner organisation, LJZ Forum. By collaborating with the Chinese professional financial conference platform, Juwai IQI hoped to offer audiences another layer to the multifaceted aspects of technology and digitalisation. 

In this era of rapid technological innovation, we must always seek to improve ourselves. With our diverse log of speakers and the variety of topics available to watch, we are proud to present the fruits of our labour culminated into this year’s #ADAPT2021 convention!