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8 Chinese Moving Customs into a New House

By Juwai, 09 July 2023
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Moving into a new house is a beautiful moment in your life, an occasion that signals new beginnings. In Chinese culture, these occasions provide new homeowners with the opportunity to invite wealth and good luck into their lives.

If you are an inspiring real estate, who wishes to attract Chinese buyers, read these 8 costumes to impress your future business transactions.


1. Grab a pineapple and roll it into the house

This tradition stems from the Hokkien term for ‘pineapple’, sounding similar to the Hokkien term for ‘welcoming prosperity’. 

From the moment you open the main front door, you roll a pineapple around your home. Keep in mind that you should be rolling the fruit with your hands and not kicking it around with your feet.

This will ‘bless’ your new home and ensure that your residency is an abundant and prosperous one, traditionally spoken in Mandarin. If you can’t speak Mandarin, you can also call out phrases in English.


2. Bring along auspicious items 

When entering the home, anyone who enters should carry something auspicious - to multiply its effects and attract even more wealth to the new homeowners.

It could be fresh fruits such as;

  • oranges (which symbolise prosperity)
  • pomegranates (which symbolise opportunities)
  • peaches (which symbolise good health)
  • apples (which symbolise safety)

These can be feng shui coins, but an easier alternative is to use fresh fruits. These items should then be placed on a table, usually the dining table.


3. Open all your doors and windows

As you enter a new home, leave all doors and windows wide open - not only do you welcome fresh air and sunlight, the purpose allows positive energy or 'qi' to flow throughout the new house.

Thus the new property will be renewed and cleansed of any negativity that may cling along with the corners.


4. Turn on all the water taps and stoves

Ensure all taps, stoves, and any electrical appliances are left running for three minutes - with supervision, of course.

The homeowners ensure more positive energy is channelling throughout the house and another great way to check that everything is working well within your home!


5. Bring a kettle of water to boil

Light up your stove and set your favourite kettle to boil, which symbolises that your home will be filled with warmth and that you will have a bright future.


6. A recipe for good fortune

Mix some green beans with uncooked rice, sea salt and Tie Guan Yin tea leaves and scatter these all around the home. This is believed to chase away all evils while planting the seed of wealth within the home.


7. Unleash your inner sweetness

Usher in the good fortune by putting sweets on all flat surfaces such as tables and counters within the home and by placing red packets filled with new notes at places where you intend to keep your money from wandering eyes.


8. Enjoy a home-cooked meal with family members

What better way to conclude these moving-in rituals than by bonding with family over a delicious home-cooked meal. Besides enjoying the food, such a practice symbolises the sharing of wealth among all family members.


Moving into a new house usually sounds stressful, but moving in can actually be incredibly fun with interesting customs like these, especially when with friends and family.

Happy moving!