With a growing number of Chinese-language news outlets and online portals specialising in property, as well as real estate companies increasingly focusing on Chinese buyers, interest from offshore Asian property investors – predominantly Chinese buyers – is garnering much attention. Property Observer (25 October 2013) sheds light on what these Chinese investors are looking for.

Not all Chinese buyers are the same. Andrew Taylor of Juwai.com notes that offshore Chinese buyers can be segmented into 4 categories based on their net worth: Extremely high net worth, high net worth, upper middle class, and middle class. Each category can have varying needs, and they seek out properties in different price ranges.

“I don’t think Australia has ever seen a group of foreign investors as numerous as the Chinese. As they learn more about Australia and come to love it, they are exploring new communities and property types. That’s why you see Chinese buyers in more suburbs now than you did just a year ago," said Taylor.