Chinese are the fastest-growing group of foreign homebuyers in the U.S., and data reveals which cities top the list, according to ABC News (19 December 2013).

Understanding this reality, Mauricio Umansky of in LA caters specifically to foreign buyers. Mauricio says, "Anybody not reaching out to the Chinese is losing out on an amazing opportunity.” He notes that Chinese prefer new and amenity-rich residences, and it’s a plus if it’s located by a high-ranking university.

Dolly Lenz of Dolly Lenz Real Estate in New York also agrees. Having spent 25 years travelling to Asia to build up a Chinese clientele, Lenz notes that "The Chinese are the most knowledgeable and intuitive buyers I have…You can't sell to them, because they do their homework and come to you with a knowledge base that will amaze you.”

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