Canadian real estate agents will have the golden opportunity to meet Chinese agents and form alliances, thanks to the 2014 Juwai China Agent Summit, reports the Real Estate Magazine (29 January 2014). Held on 13 March 2014 in Shanghai, every Western agent attending the Summit will have their own table, whereby they will be able to meet the 100 local Chinese agents who will circulate the room in search of potential partners. Only 40 spots are open for Western agents at the Summit, which is also strategically timed to take place one day before the Shanghai Overseas Property and Investment Immigration Show, which is one of the most important property expos in China for Western agents seeking to reach Chinese buyers. “The big benefits of this show are the chance to learn how to operate in the Chinese market, and to make alliances with Chinese agents who can send you buyer leads or follow up on Chinese buyer contacts for you…We’ve gone through our database of 20,000 Chinese agents and picked out the 100 or so who would be most valuable for Canadian agents to meet,” says Andrew Taylor, Co-CEO of