Chinese property buyers remain of keen interest to property agents and companies worldwide, and SouFun's recent partnership with ListHub and Edenhome to supply US properties listings online to Chinese buyers is the latest attempt in the industry to capture a piece of this exclusive market, reports the AIM Group (3 March 2014). When asked to comment, – who also works with ListHub – explained that and do not really compete, given Soufun's specialty is in the China domestic market. “The difference between and is that helps Chinese buyers who want to purchase property in other countries, while SouFun helps them buy property in China. understands Chinese buyers and international real estate agents, while SouFun understands Chinese buyers and Chinese agents,” said Co-CEO, Andrew Taylor. Outsourcing this market to a third party like Edenhome is proof enough that international property is not a major focus for SouFun, according to Taylor. remains No. 1 for Chinese international property search, and the fact that SouFun republishes's regular data reports on the global property market shows a lacks true understanding of international markets.