London is set to experience a few good years as it undergoes a building boom unseen for many years, thanks to demand from Asian and American buyers who want new skyscrapers, says Germany's respected national newspaper, Die Welt (8 March 2014). As London soaks up about half of Chinese real estate investors' Europe-destined capital, such as from China Overseas Land and Ping An, office towers are sprouting up like mushrooms after rain – 50 out of over 200 skyscrapers in the works to be built in London in the following years will come with offices and commercial spaces. What makes London the most attractive city for commercial real estate investors for now and the next few years? Relatively good profits, long rental period, and London's appeal as a financial hub that makes for a quick sale are driving factors. British tenancy is another, whereby tenants pay for maintenance work instead of the landlord and owners suffer no loss due to wear, hence London commercial property becomes an easy-case investment. More importantly, foreign investors get to enjoy tax benefits, thus encouraging cash flows from China and other Asian countries whose investors seek to diversify. According to Simon Henry, Co-CEO of, London attracts over 50% of Chinese investment in European commercial property, and while Chinese expenditure on London's commercial property in 2010 was merely 54 million pounds, by 2013 the amount had surged to over 1 billion pounds.