Juwai.com tops Baidu.com as the leading Chinese-language global property portal with the highest page rank, boosting its dominance in search results and propelling more Chinese buyers towards Juwai.com, reports Property Portal Watch (14 July 2014). Boasting 6.8 million pages indexed by Baidu and a page rank of 4, Juwai.com trumps competitors world.soufun.com (page rank: 2, 168,000 pages indexed), Meiaoju (page rank: 1, 21,000 pages indexed) and myfun of REA Group (page rank: 0, 772 pages indexed). Baidu – with its 71% dominance in China's search market – is more widely used in China than Google is used in the US. According to Juwai.com Co-CEO, Andrew Taylor, “Search engine rankings are even more competitive in China than in other countries. Juwai.com’s success with its Baidu search engine rank and indexed pages will be very hard for any other website to catch up to. You could say it gives Juwai.com a built-in advantage.”