Andrew Taylor, Co-CEO of will be speaking at the Brisbane Global Café – a curtain raiser event prior to the G20 Leaders' Summit, reports OPP Connect (28 October 2014). Together with some of the world’s sharpest and most influential thinkers, Taylor will join the Regional Responses to Foster Entrepreneurship and Innovation panel discussion, whereby he will share insights on the impact of Chinese investment in global real estate markets, the importance of educational services, digital technology and how it brings people closer, as well as Australia's unique role in the global economy. “Chinese culture puts a great priority on both real estate as a way to build and preserve wealth, and on education as the route to a better life. A good university or high school is as much a selling point to Chinese buyers as beautiful beaches, great architecture or a strong economy [...] Many Chinese buyers already look for properties near a major university. Their children’s education is one of the top three reasons Chinese buyers invest in overseas property," says Taylor.