Juwai.com Co-CEO Simon Henry speaks to Lisa Owen of The Nation segment on New Zealand's 3 News regarding Chinese property investment abroad – particularly Chinese buyer interest in New Zealand due to its proximity to China, time zone, educational offerings, and good reputation for clean air and produce (6 December 2014). Henry also shares insights on Chinese buyer preferences and motivations, as well as facts to disprove notions over Chinese buyers exacerbating the property market. "The findings of the [parliament] enquiry were that foreign investment, first and foremost, is very good for the domestic economy. It helps create jobs. It also helps create supply. Secondly, it also adds a lot of supply to the domestic marketplace, which would otherwise not be added. And third, they found that it actually keeps the prices low, because without the foreign investors, there wouldn't be new supply, which would actually drive prices even higher," said Henry.