Despite a Credit Suisse report projecting Chinese consumer demand will abate as much as 30% in the year till December, the latest upsurge in Chinese demand for Australian real estate proves otherwise, reports (5 November 2015). Other experts are responding differently, including Savills Australia and According to Juwai PR Director Dave Platter, the slowdown predicted from Credit Suisse is not something being seen on He explained that while China is undergoing a shifting economy where certain sectors are facing fluctuations, overall consumer demand from Chinese is strong and growing. In fact, Juwai forecasts a “huge growth” in Chinese international property investment for the coming five years – one which Australia is well positioned to benefit from. “Without the Chinese buyers and Chinese developers, there would be a lot less construction, a lot less supply of new homes on the market, a lot fewer jobs and less economic wellbeing,” says Platter.