A Chinese buyer has taken Fang.com (formerly SouFun.com) to court over a land deal dupe in Florida, reports OPP Today (22 June 2015). The Chinese purchaser, Ms. Qiu, had bought a piece of land in Florida via SouFun, only to recieve the title deeds for another plot of land that was of lesser worth. SouFun claims it was similarly duped, and both parties eventually agreed to settle out of court. However, this case brings to light the importance of market context on top of listing information for Chinese buyers. According to Juwai.com Co-CEO Andrew Taylor, Juwai.com strives hard to protect Chinese buyers. "We connect buyers to the listing agent as soon as possible in the property hunt process. Of course, our team is on hand to help translate listings or otherwise help out — but it’s very important the buyer has a chance to question the agent directly about the property and evaluate the opportunity."