Harrods Estates has partnered with Juwai.com, as new Juwai.com figures estimates Chinese investment in London property has rocketed by 1500% since 2010, reports Prime Resi (6 June 2014). Harrods Estates listings will now be marketed in Chinese, with enhanced branding, agent profiles and translation options, and will also take advantage of Juwai's direct marketing, Chinese-language brochures, advertorials and Feature Property listings. Estimates from Juwai analysis show that Chinese buyers are account for 27% of London’s new homes, and they will be seeking properties in regional cities as well. “This agreement with will help our agents win more listings and sell more property. This is an investment in the success of our agents and their clients," says Shirley Humphrey, Director of Harrods Estates. "We want to leave no stone unturned in helping them get the best price for their property.”