In light of The Australian's recent reporting of failed Foreign Investment Review Board ( FIRB) efforts to prosecute foreign buyers breaching foreign ownership rules, Real Estate Business examines the key issues are being discussed by industry experts (12 June 2014). Some in the industry opine that w ealthy foreign investors buying homes that then remain vacant to avoid detection by the FIRB need urgent regulatory attention. co-CEO, Andrew Taylor, who is in agreement with RBA governor Glenn Stevens’ view that Chinese investment is important but "rather less prominent around most of the metropolitan areas than some of the headlines might suggest",  offers insights that speak to the contrary. "I haven't seen any actual proof that large numbers of Chinese or any other foreign buyers are holding vast quantities of apartments off the market. Even if they were, they have added many more new units to the market by making it possible to construct new buildings than they could possibly be holding empty,” said Mr Taylor. "If an Australian keeps an apartment empty, is that also bad? Do you want someone looking over your shoulder and telling you what to do with your investment property or your vacation home?"