A new wave of Chinese investment is expected to reach the global property market within the next few years, and experts believe that what the world has seen so far is merely the beginning of Chinese overseas property investment, reports The Guardian (29 September 2016). According to Juwai.com CEO Charles Pittar, “Our thesis – and this is supported by quite a lot of evidence – is that in many ways the international Chinese investment journey is probably just starting.” However, instead of the China's super-rich and wealthy, it will be China's middle-class who will be the key market that is set to boom. “What we read in the newspapers is always about the very wealthy Chinese who come and buy a £5m, £10m, £15m property. But the middle class is key. How big is the middle class? It could be 120 million. We tend to think it’s probably closer to 150 million,” added Pittar.