A recent survey revealed 54% of Chinese respondents believe Clinton would implement policies beneficial for Chinese investment in the US, reports National Mortgage Professional (31 October 2016). The survey by Chinese real estate website Juwai.com polled more than 500 Chinese property investors and over 400 US real estate professionals on their opinions on the two Presidential candidates. Survey findings also showed Chinese investors are unlikely to snub the US regardless which candidate wins the election. According to Matthew Moore, Juwai.com’s President of the Americas, “Will Chinese buyers desert the US market after the election? It looks like they will not. American politics fascinate Chinese because our system is so different than theirs. They are watching our election closely. They say you should never talk about politics at work, and this survey shows why. More agents prefer Mr. Trump, and more buyers prefer Mrs. Clinton, so you could imagine a political discussion between them going badly.”