Toronto developers are evolving their marketing tactics to entice buyers given a relatively soft condo market, reports The Globe and Mail (21 November 2013). Condo projects are launched with exclusive sales incentives, while agents use aggressive marketing to make units stand out. Some take a creative approach, such as The Condo Mall in Toronto, a re-branded real estate brokerage with a sales office resembling a chic lounge, where they offer lattes and 65-inch touch screens displaying over 200 projects for sale. While foreign buyer interest in Toronto may have lessened, it hasn't disappeared. stats indicate Canada is the 4th most popular country for Chinese buyers. According to Co-CEO, Andrew Taylor, interest burgeoned in Q3 of 2013, and is attributed to "push" factors, like the need to diversify assets, a comparatively high Chinese currency, and lack of good property investment opportunities in China. "Pull" factors include Canada's stable economy and political system, and its well-governed property market. "Our interactions with Chinese buyers tells us that their interest in Toronto condos remains strong," he says. "They are relatively unaffected by the changes in mortgage rules because they obtain financing in Canada much less frequently than domestic buyers."