Over half of Chinese travelling out of China during the Chinese New Year Golden Week intend to hunt for international property, reports ChinaDaily (26 January 2017). The statistics were released after Juwai.com, China's top property investment website, surveyed Chinese consumers about their travel plans for Chinese New Year and 2017. According to the Juwai survey, 57 percent of Chinese property buyers plan to buy property in the countries that they are travelling to, while another 26 percent said they may consider to property hunt. The Juwai survey also revealed that 12 percent of UK real estate agents have already been contacted by Chinese buyers who plan to visit during Chinese New Year, and that 54 percent of UK property agents expect the 2017 Spring Festival season to be busier than 2016. Charles Pittar, CEO of Juwai.com, said wealthier buyers are more likely to combine property hunting with tourism. According to Bernie Morris, President of the UK, Europe, and the Middle East for Juwai.com, "While currency traders have deserted Great Britain, Chinese buyers have embraced it. Chinese consumers are going all-in on the country's future by purchasing property. Chinese like the UK for its prestige, value, liquidity, potential capital gains and premier educational institutions."