Chinese buyer enquiries for Vancouver on remain flat 15 months after the foreign buyer tax was implemented in British Columbia, reports BuzzBuzzNews (14 November 2017). According to Byron Burley, Head of North America at, Chinese enquiries have neither increased or fallen significantly in Vancouver, but interest in Seatlle and other nearby cities have been on the rise. “Vancouver’s tax is working by driving a share of buyers to other cities, especially Seattle. It has taken the froth off of the top,” said Burley. He further explained that generally Chinese buyers on are open to looking for property in several cities at a time, particularly as half of them begin their property hunt without knowing which city they want to invest in. “Our team in Shanghai gets more inquiries now from what we call ‘and-or’ buyers. They say they want to look at properties in Vancouver ‘and’ Seattle or ‘and’ Toronto,” Burley explained.