Juwai.com will be running a one-month NZ campaign from 1 December to promote Kiwi properties to Chinese buyers, reports the New Zealand Herald (17 November 2017). According to Jane Lu, Head of Australia and New Zealand at Juwai.com, the leading Chinese international property website, information on New Zealand properties are harder to come by in China, compared to the US and Australia. The campaign will utlise email, WeChat, and digital marketing in China to drive traffic to the special landing page, which will feature participating NZ agents and listings. "We hope to drive more buyers and visibility to the properties in New Zealand that are having trouble finding buyers. Chinese buyers are especially important when agents are having trouble getting a really good result for their vendors. That's important now that the market is starting to cool. The latest data from Bloomberg shows that prices fell in Auckland last month for the first time in years. This campaign is limited to 40 customers," said Lu.