A desire to hedge risk of the Chinese currency devaluation may be propelling Chinese property buyers abroad, reports Mortgage Broker News (31 July 2018). According to top Chinese international real estate platform Juwai.com, this could influence the Canadian property market, as China property investors may perceive Canadian property to be more affordable than the US. Juwai.com CEO Carrie Law further added one other factor to note is that China may be considering to loosen its capital controls, citing Beijing's existing experiments with relaxing capital restrictions. “If this continues, we could see a corresponding increase in international real estate innocent investment. Capital controls are still a major restriction, and the steps Beijing has taken to loosen capital controls have not been directly relevant to international property investors—yet," said Law. "Chinese demand for international property is growing again, however. They must be finding a way to pay for it—whether through China-based lenders, via overseas lenders, or simply from existing assets,”