A slump in interest from China's buyers in Australian real estate has become increasingly evident as relations between the two countries grow increasingly tense, reports Austrailan Property Investor (9 Septemeber 2020). Chinese real estate firm Juwai.com revealed that property enquiries for Australia were increasing but only among a select in-the-know audience. Georg Chmiel, Juwai.com executive chairman said most Chinese buyers in Australia already had a connection to the country - families buying for their own use, second home buyers, students, and corporations purchasing employee housing or for investment purposes. “There are still a small number of offshore buyers in the market, but in almost every case these investors already have a connection to Australia and intend to live here again in the future,” said Chmiel. Chinese demand for Australian property in the second quarter of 2020 was 40 per cent higher than in the first quarter when Covid-19 stalled enquiries. “After two quarters of lower demand, including a 14 per cent drop in the first quarter, Chinese demand as measured by real estate buyer enquiries has begun to recover," said Chmiel.