A survey by Juwai IQI shows real estate agents forecasting Sabah's property market to make a V-shaped recovery in 2021 and with recovery to continue in 2022 and beyond, reports Edge Prop (10 October 2020). Juwai IQI’s Sabah Property Survey and Index – Quarter Four (Q4) 2020 report also said that Sabah residential prices and rents are expected to follow national trends and that first-time buyers would drive activity. An estimated 39 per cent of Sabah’s new-home transactions in the first half of 2020 involved first-time local buyers in Sabah, compared to 34 per cent nationwide for such transactions in other states. “This is a positive sign as it shows that first-time buyers are entering the property market in Sabah at a faster rate than investors and foreign buyers," said Juwai IQI group executive director Kashif Ansari. Sixty-three per cent of Sabah real estate agents expect first-time local buyers to complete a higher number of transactions in the year to come.