Juwai.com has just unveiled Juwai IQ, its new data service that studies the online habits and custom surveys of its 2.6 million monthly users from 403 cities in China and 165 countries in the world, reports Property Portal Watch (23 October 2015). According to Andrew Taylor, Co-CEO of Juwai.com, mainland Chinese buyers invested an estimated US$28.6 billion into US properties, and that could reach more than US$100 billion per year by 2020. Juwai IQ will now make it possible for Juwai.com to provide standard and custom data products to relevant customer, such as corporations, banks, property developers, governments, and academics. “For all the excitement about Chinese consumers, precious little data and factual knowledge about their behavior has been available until now. Juwai.com is in a unique position to change that, because of our 2.6 million monthly users from around the world,” adds Taylor.