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US homes eyed by wealthy Chinese investors

By Juwai, 24 April 2012
Empire State Building 4 While China is in the middle of a housing downturn, wealthy Chinese buyers are travelling to the US in groups on home-buying tours. Many are buying homes in the US to take advantage of the recent reduction in real estate. Overseas Property Mall reports. April 23, 2009 -- Yin Guohua, a partner in a law firm stated ”The real estate prices in America have gone down drastically. It’s a good option for Chinese people who want to buy for investment purposes.” The Chinese media now flaunts this trend as a new strength of the nation. Numerous newspaper articles and live TV broadcasts have dedicated time and resources to this new trend. Some even say that this new buying power of the rich and wealthy Chinese might actually help revive the depressing US real estate market. One of the two companies known to organize these home buying trips is SouFun Holdings. The company is already planning to take another 10 groups of people to the US this year alone. At present there are some 500 individuals who have applied to accompany the group to the United States to look at property. While these tours have been organized to present US homes to rich Chinese buyers, some of the tours participants are partaking for the sheer fun of touring the US in a whirlwind tour, and others yet are considering to buy property to help their children to obtain a US education. Real estate professionals stated that many homes were actually cheaper to buy in the US than they were in China right now. An equivalent of a brand new inner city apartment in major Chinese cities like Beijing, Shanghai or Guangzhou, is actually cheaper in the United States said Anna Kalifa, vice president of business development at GTC Real Estate China.