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By Juwai, 06 August 2016
Baidu Juwai Rankings

It's official – gets you in front of more Chinese consumers than all other sites combined.

A recent reveal by Property Portal Watch has shown that has topped, reigning supreme as the leading Chinese-language global property portal with the highest page rank.

What's more, Baidu has also verified as a premier trusted site for consumers with a high V2 ranking. This rank symbolises that the website is trusted for buying and selling, as verified by


Why is this important?Baidu indexed page and page rank and number of property listings (NASDAQ: BIDU) is basically China's version of Google.

With its 71% dominance in China's online search market, Baidu is the most trusted ranking source in China.

Fun Fact: Baidu is more widely used in China than Google is used in the US! Google dominates 68% of the US search market.

The higher the Baidu page rank, the better it is, as a higher rank indicates higher traffic activity on the site.

Also, the number of pages indexed by Baidu is crucial, because pages that are not indexed are more difficult for users to find.

The math is simple: higher rank and indexed pages equals more people viewing and interacting with the site.

With 6.8 million pages indexed by Baidu and a high page rank of 4, trumps competitors (page rank: 2; 168,462 pages indexed), Gifang (page rank: 1; 103,694 pages indexed), Meiaoju (page rank: 1; 21,100 pages indexed) and myfun of REA Group (page rank: 0; 772 pages indexed) – hands down.


What does it mean?

This means far surpasses other sites when it comes to boosting its dominance in Chinese search results, propelling more Chinese buyers towards – and ultimately to your listings on

Besides, is also ranked #1 by China internet ranking firm, CNZZ, and we are the only Chinese-language international property portal in the world to clearly display your branding and contact details – up front and in front of Chinese buyers. Co-CEO, Andrew Taylor notes in a conversation with Property Portal Watch:

Search engine rankings are even more competitive in China than in other countries.’s success with its Baidu search engine rank and indexed pages will be very hard for any other website to catch up to. You could say it gives a built-in advantage.


Curious about your Baidu rank?

Here's how you can check it out:

  • Log on to
  • Type in "site:your company name"

The resulting list may look like something below: on Baidu

The information displayed will, of course, be in Simplified Chinese, but the number you see in the position highlighted is the number of indexed pages that site has on

The numbers change slightly so it's constantly updated, but you can get a general idea of how prominent the site is in China.

Go ahead, try it on a few other sites.