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The power of 8 to the Chinese

By Juwai, 20 July 2018
juwai power of number eight

Turn Chinese numerology beliefs to your business advantage.

The lucky number eight represents prosperity or wealth amongst the Chinese. You may notice the number frequently in their home addresses, mobile phone numbers, car number plates, important dates, and even emails containing several eights.

One reason for the number’s popularity is because eight is phonetically similar to the word prosperity, or wealth, in the Chinese language.

For the Chinese and Asians in general, numerology, luck, and superstition are ingrained in their lives, no matter where they come from. It will be wise to consider these deep-rooted beliefs that influence their buying decisions. In fact, the number 8 advantage works on the millions who search for properties.

TIP: Chinese interest in your property is likely to peak on 8 August 2018, particularly when you play on the lucky eight belief by selling a property with an ‘8’ in the address.

You may even go as far as to price your property with plenty of eights in its selling price!

Too ridiculous? The Chinese are serious enough about the number eight that almost anything of significance is numerically influenced, for example, launching the Beijing Summer Olympics at 8:08 PM on 8 August 2008 (8/8/08).

There are plenty of other examples in the news, such as one where a Chinese businessman paid a record-breaking AUD 25 million for a penthouse at Australia 108, Melbourne in 2015!

Imagine what you can do for your business by tapping into the auspicious eight during this window!


The number 8 brings good fortune to sellers too, if you know how

While it is common in the West to use the number ‘9’ for price points, Chinese like the number ‘8’ for similar effect. It is common to see prices that end with ‘8’ such as $18 or $88 as examples.

There are many ideas that you can play on with the lucky number eight, but the opportunity to  sell a property priced at $8,888,000 on 8 August 2018 is hard to beat.

Global companies are fast catching on to this idea. Even Sainsbury’s Tmall Global website runs the annual 8.8 Super Brand Day promotions on 8 August to tap into the Chinese psyche.

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