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You've won an award, now what?

By Juwai, 11 December 2018
Global Chinese Choice Awards 2018

You’ve won an award. Congratulations, and even more so if it’s one of the Global Chinese Choice Awards 2018. To make the most from any award, winning is only half the challenge of maximizing your win. Because consumers are bombarded with marketing every second, you need to make your accolade stand out in that sea of advertising.

Winning an award has the potential to boost your brand. You’ve worked hard and you deserve to shout about it.

When it comes to winning a China-centric award, the fact that Chinese buyers are spending more every year on overseas properties means you should look at how to make the most of your award.


Awards attract media coverage, and as an award winner you should seriously think about adding to the coverage gained by the event organiser by working with a public relations company to spread the message as widely as possible. Make contact with your local media, whether it's print, online or mobile. Talk to the Business Editor of, if they have one, the Property Editor. Tell them about your win and about your company. Tell them about your activities to sell property and real estate to Chinese buyers, and tell them what this Award means to your company.


In terms of the Juwai Global Chinese Choice Awards, with the amount of publicity before and after the event, your real estate brand is already being recognised throughout China and around the world. Think about your target audience and work with media, including Juwai, to help get your message to the right people. Your award helps brand recognition to new groups of consumers who may never have considered your business previously.


Your customers, new and existing, will now see your brand in a new way, but how is it different from spending on extensive and expensive advertising. Simply put, your award represents the work you’ve done to stand out from the crowd, and lets the public know you are among the best when it comes to working with Chinese international property buyers and investors. Many consumers will see past simple marketing messages, but an industry award judge by property professionals is much harder to ignore.


Chinese buyers are notorious for not trusting new brand or names that they are not familiar with. They have limited access to external information, so most will know very little about you. To Chinese property buyers, peer recognition and endorsements are important. In their own market where it’s common for many businesses try make a quick buck by passing off inferior quality products, awards are a stamp of approval.


For overseas property professionals, another advantage of your award is that it can make all the difference when negotiation new deals. It is hard to argue with a winner, and with the prestige of an important. That same prestige can be transferred to the perceived quality of the property and services you offer. And, when an employee works for an award-winner, they become more confident and their jobs could become so much easier.

Showcasing your award will go a long way to increasing your reputation, and prove that your company is serious and trustworthy to the hundreds of millions of potential international property and real estate buyers from China.