Business Insider
/ Business Insider

Chinese investors purchase $24 billion worth of Australian real estate each year

A report published by shows Chinese investors spent A$23.8 billion in Australian property, reports Business Insider (6 July 2017). According to the Juwai report, the level on investment in... Read more >

Herald Sun
/ Herald Sun

Chinese investment in Australian property down, but still strong:

Chinese buyers are expected to spend A$104.5 billion dollar on international property in 2017, reports the Herald Sun (5 July 2017). According to a recent report from, China's largest... Read more >

Vancouver Sun
/ Vancouver Sun

Canada a top destination for property investments by mainland Chinese buyers: report

A recent report from revealed Chinese buyers spent over US$100 billion on overseas real estate, reports Vancouver Sun (5 July 2017). According to the report, Canada is the fifth... Read more >

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