Financial Review
/ Australian Financial Review

Chinese capital controls are likely to relax in the coming years

A recent report indicates that Chinese capital controls may loosen in the coming years, reports Australian Financial Review (27 June 2018). According to the Juwai report, the Chinese authorities... Read more >

Herald Sun
/ Herald Sun

Chinese home buyers flocking to Melbourne despite decrease in Foreign Investment Review Board applications

Chinese buyer interest in Melbourne homes is still going strong despite a decline in foreign buyer applications, reports the Herald Sun (19 June 2018). Although recent findings from the Australian... Read more >

Australia China Business Review
/ Australia China Business Review

Melbourne still big lure for buyers in 2018

Melbourne is attracting more and more Chinese real estate buyers, reports Australia China Business Review (12 June 2018). According to, a China-based international real estate portal, Melbourne was the... Read more >

Business Insider 2018
/ Business Insider

Chinese investors are inflating housing markets in the US, Canada, and Australia

Chinese buyers are driving property markets and prices in the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, reports Business Insider (10 June 2018). Leading residential real estate brokerages in these countries... Read more >

Property Observer
/ Property Observer

Why rich Chinese buyers like Barangaroo: Juwai's Carrie Law

Rich Chinese buyers are flocking to Sydney's suburb of Barangaroo in Australia, reports Property Observer (4 June 2018). Bangaroo's popularity with China homebuyers have skyrocketed in recent years, and such... Read more >

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2020 Annual Conference of Global Wealth Finance & “JinGe Prize” Selection

With the implementation of the new rules on asset management in China, the internal logic and development direction of China's wealth management industry have undergone major changes.

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Chinese buyer activity looks to bounce back from coronavirus outbreak

Wuhan set to lift draconian restrictions in force for over two months, ending lockdown, as China gets people back to work On 24 March, China’s Hubei province announced it will allow transportation...

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How colours can make your house more attractive to Chinese buyers

China is a country rich with heritage and uses colours symbolically within every ceremony, festival, and ritual. Even at home, Chinese believe the use of colours that follow principles of feng shui can create...

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How to sell property to Chinese buyers

Chinese buyers are now the fastest growing segment of real estate buyers globally as they seek out destinations that offer an attractive way of life, immigrant investment and educational opportunities. However, cross-border...

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Malaysia is becoming the go-to destination for Chinese overseas home buyers

Malaysia is ticking all the right boxes for Chinese real estate buyers who have reacted to uncertainty and risk by investing in markets that are closer, require less capital, and offer better...

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