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9 ways to tell people you market to Chinese buyers

By Juwai, 04 December 2013
9 ways to tell people you market to Chinese buyers

What's the first thing you should do after registering to become a member of Well, tell the world, of course.

Polite modesty is not called for in this situation. Instead, you want to shout to the rooftops: "I am marketing my listings to Chinese buyers. That makes me better than other agents, who aren't doing so."

As our co-CEO, Andrew Taylor said in a recent news story , "If a home seller can choose between an agent who markets in China and one who doesn't, of course they will choose the agent who does."

Andrew's quote gets to the heart of the issue. Listing property on benefits you in two ways:

  • It gives exposure to your listings and brand with Chinese buyers.
  • It differentiates you from other agents, sets you apart in your marketplace, and establishes you as a leader who will do whatever it takes to get the best price and fastest sale for your clients.

To win more listings with that differentiation, though, you have to tell people about your China expertise.


9 ways to tell people you market to Chinese buyers on

  1. Put up a page about marketing to Chinese buyers on your website.
  2. Add a paragraph highlighting the fact that you market in China into your personal bio.
  3. Add the following to your email signature: "We are now marketing our listings in China on the world's #1 Chinese international property portal,"
  4. If you prefer not to edit your signature, begin adding the following postscript to all of your emails: "PS: Did you know I am now marketing my listings in China, on the world's number one Chinese international property portal," (Please refer to the image above.)
  5. Add a page into your listing kit or listing presentation that explains how and why you market to Chinese buyers.
  6. Print new business cards that highlight your expertise marketing to Chinese buyers.
  7. Do a mailing or letter drop campaign in key neighbourhoods – highlighting that you now market to Chinese buyers.
  8. If you present clients with a marketing plan, be sure to include in the plan. If another agent does and you don't, you may well lose the listing.
  9. If you manage a team, be sure everyone on your team knows that your are marketing in China, and can explain it to your clients and prospects.



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