Real Estate Business
/ Real Estate Business

Melbourne is top city for Chinese buyers

"Co-CEO of Andrew Taylor said the surge in Chinese investors in Australia was only just beginning. 'The trends show that the number and the wealth of Chinese investors will... Read more >

Dallas News
/ Dallas News

Chinese property buyers are taking a look at Dallas

"Since early this year, the number of Chinese real estate investor inquiries about the Dallas area have jumped by more than 600 percent at The Internet site is used... Read more >

Edinburgh Evening News
/ Edinburgh Evening News

Schools bring Edinburgh housing boom from China

"Figures released by international property firm Juwai revealed Edinburgh is the most popular destination for Chinese property investors in Scotland and the fifth most popular in the UK. The number... Read more >

The New York Times
/ The New York Times

Chinese invest in Queens

"Unlike other real estate sites, Juwai, based in Shanghai, pays careful attention to its translations, said Andrew Taylor, a founder of the company, adding that the few English-based sites that... Read more >

Abendzeitung Muenchen
/ Abendzeitung München

Chinese flock to Germany

[Original in German] "Talks about the high rent are never-ending in Munich, while Chinese just say 'it is unbelievable cheap'. Simon Henry, co-founder of, the largest Chinese online listing... Read more >

/ Vocativ

Chinese buyers look for a safety deposit box in the sky

"The growing interest from China has even spawned Juwai, a dedicated Chinese-language search engine for people looking to buy property abroad. . . . 'China over the last couple of... Read more >

/ Forbes

China's top countries for second homes

"I spoke with Andrew Taylor, the CEO of China’s biggest real estate news and information site, It’s a firm Chinese house hunters use to help them find property abroad.... Read more >

Global Asia

Where do Chinese investors look for property?

[Original in Spanish] "Real estate investment by Chinese buyers is expanding horizons. As a result, has sought to share this international panorama and the elements that are driving Chinese... Read more >

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